The following is a static compendium and record of the work of the Military Retirement and Modernization Commission (MCRMC), which sunset 1 January 2016. This archive reflects more than two years of Commission efforts, including all reports produced for the President and the Congress of the United States, as well as supporting data and key records. This site has been created for purposes of reference and research, and will not be updated beyond the Commission's sunset date. Additionally, this information will be available indefinitely at various research libraries and institutions, and the full record can be downloaded from this site via the button below.

Table of Contents

Organization and Commissioners

Final Report

Gives the final recommendations of the Commission for changes to pay and retirement, health care, and quality of life benefits, including proposed legislation.

Interim Report

Describes the beginning of the All-Volunteer Force and gives the historical context and present day status for all pays and benefits of active duty, reserve, and retired Service members and their beneficiaries.

Memorandum for the Record and NDAA Comparison Chart

Survey Reports and Data

Public Comments

Public Hearings and Town Halls

Congressional Engagement

Commission Communications

Official Correspondence

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